Access to technological platforms

25 shared-use platforms providing concrete technological solutions

Genopole’s "platforms" provide access to technological equipment and the know-how that goes with them. They afford the biocluster’s laboratories and companies great support for their R&D by making more than 600 devices available to them on a shared use basis. In that offer are routine devices, but also state of the art technologies well out of the financial reach of any one entity. Genopole’s technological platforms play a vital role in making the biocluster attractive for new public or private teams.

An offer that adapts to changing technological needs

In 2021, Genopole committed more than €2 million to its shared-use technological platforms, with the primary goal of keeping its offer at the state-of-the-art level to best respond to the changing needs of actors at the biocluster. Thereto, the Genopole Enterprises/CCIE incubator benefited from the addition of a multimodal plate reader, a sterilization autoclave and a high-performance centrifuge, and the OCCIGEN imagery–cytometry platform a next-generation multicolor flow cytometer and a high throughput, high resolution imaging technology now equipped with a robotic arm.

Energizing the strategic sectors

To increase the momentum of its strategic sectors, Genopole set its sights on reorganizing and optimizing its microfluidics platform, a vital technology for research in the production of innovative biotherapies or of-interest compounds by synthetic biology. Also, the spectrometry platform grew with the addition of a surface plasmon resonance device coupled with a MALDI-TOF/TOF mass spectrometer. This instrumentation is used to analyze biomanufacturing-derived products and thus serves the bioeconomy sector.

Growing the network of users and catalyzing partnerships

Learning about the equipment and new technologies available at the platforms:

Inciting interactions

Despite restrictive health-crisis conditions there were:

  • More than 220 interactions with labs, businesses, and other platforms;
  • 90% of which led to partnerships and/or provisions of service.
25 shared-use platforms
The structural biology platform UPS ITS game

The structural biology platform UPS ITS game

Genopole and the University of Évry provided the structural biology platform with an Opera Phenix Plus HCS imaging system, a cutting-edge technology, unique in Île-de-France, that teams high throughput and high resolution. Particularly, the imager unleashes the potential of the MicroTubule Bench technology developed by the Genopole lab SABNP. Because it explores protein-protein and protein-RNA interactions in living cells, that unprecedented method carries great interest in human health.

"By removing technological blockades to the discovery of novel therapeutic compounds, Genopole’s support gives new energy to research and innovation in human health."

Julien Picot, Platforms Manager at Genopole